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How many cars can I hire for the same day or event?
You can hire as many and in any combination of our vintage, daimler, rolls royce and stretch limo cars as you wish, depending on their availability when you place a deposit.

How much do the cars cost?
Until the Booking Form is submitted the cost is difficult to estimate. We offer discounts on multiple cars being hired for the same event and the location can also vary the cost considerably. The time that the car and driver is at the venue is also taken into account.

Do you have all the vehicles in your images?
The images on this website show all of the cars that we have available for the customer.

Can I hire both matching Rolls Royces for my wedding?
Yes you can. Many of our clients choose to match identical cars or a combination of vintage and classic.

What Daimlers do you have for hire?
We have 4 daimlers for hire. Of these we have a landaulette open back version in our fleet in black & ivory, which can be partnered up with our 1934 and 1935 Rolls Royces.

What white cars do you have?
We have 2 full white cars and they are both rolls royce.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes we are. Please follow this link to connect to us HERE.

Are the vintage cars popular?

The vintage cars are highly regarded by the bride and grooms due to their impressive grandeur at any venue. Photographers and the married couples appreciate the back drop that the cars make on their wedding photographs and they tell us that this one aspect "made their day"


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